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What makes our monetization measurement platform so special is the Traceback Engine. This is our core technology and can be divided to two components

Granular Ad Revenue - At The Impression Level

We don’t relay on the average eCPM to attribute ad revenue. Instead, our technology calculates the CPM of each impression. We do this by having an SDK that listens to the SDKs of the ad-networks you have integrated. This gives us unparalleled access to granular data which we use to trace back the ad revenue to specific users with the highest precision available in the industry.

Advertiser Identification For Each Ad View

Knowing who is advertising in your app is super important but knowing what ads are shown to each individual user and being able to measure their impact on revenue and churn. Well, that’s a whole new level.

The SOOMLA Advantage

SOOMLA is the market leader in mobile monetization measurement. There is no other company that does this better than us. We were the first company to offer monetization measurement but more importantly, we are the only company who is 100% focused on measuring in-app ads.

We don’t do attribution, we don’t do mediation and we are not an ad-network so we don’t have any conflicting interests. This means we will be the first ones to implement new features, the first one to implement support when the industry changes and the first one to listen to your needs.

The only company who can detect the ad whales

We are the only provider who calculates ad revenue on a user level and don’t relay on average eCPM. This translates into an ability to detect the ad whales - the users who make 6 or 7 times more ad revenue than others and have the high LTV required when you do UA campaigns.

The only unbiased monetization experts

Mediation companies understands monetization but they take a cut off the media so their interests aren’t aligned with yours. Attribution companies represent the advertiser side first and don’t keep up with the trends of the monetization side of the equation. SOOMLA is the only company who has your interests in mind, the domain expertise and the benchmarking data to help you with guidance and insights.

One step ahead of the market

The first company to implement ad revenue attribution. The first to identify advertisers in apps. The first to spot ad whales and offer postbacks. The first to attribute churn to specific ads. The first to offer raw data dumps for ad revenue and monetization dimensions. The first to offer charts of eCPM decay. The first to publish industry benchmarks for monetization and the list goes on and on while other providers try to catch up.


Want to know the secret sauce and understand how our ad LTV models work? We'd be happy to walk you step-by-step through the ad monitoring, the data science and the testing results. Let us prove to you why SOOMLA is the most accurate ad LTV vendor and what makes us the leader.


We are constantly testing ourselves to ensure our customers can rely on SOOMLA's data. We have conducted thorough tests across ad networks, ad types and ensured our user level data is the most accurate in the industry.