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Case Study: Acquiring Ad Whales

A case study with Nanobit and how they acquired Ad Whales via Facebook Lookalikes

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    Nanobit has been using SOOMLA platform to detect ad whales inside their games and target them with ad campaigns. Focusing on two of their apps, "My Story" and "Hollywood Story", they were able to leverage SOOMLA's platform and acquire more ad whales via Facebook's lookalike campaigns.

    What's in the Report
    • Ad whales exist and they contributed 70% of the ad revenue in My Story while generating very high eCPM levels
    • Targeting the ad whales using Facebook’s lookalike modeling proved a highly effective UA strategy.
    • Nanobit experienced returns of 69.5% after 7 days on their UA investment and reached a nice scale of 15,000 installs within a few weeks.