The SOOMLA Mobile Gaming Data Report Q4 2015

A unique synopsis of in-game behavior in F2P games.

  • Key Insights:

    • Weekends and evenings are in-app purchase prime time.

    • Payers repeatedly pay in the same quarter of the day.

    • Simulation games have the best 1,7,and 30-day retention.

    • Users in asia are more likely to pay.

  • 45% of all spending users convert within the First Hour

  • Back-to-work despair: puzzle games monetize best on mondays

  • Spend Habits

    When do users pay?

    • PAST SUPPER is when users spend the most.

    • British users prefer spending on the Ride home from work.

    • Aussies and Kiwis open their wallets on sundays.

    • Educational apps monetize best during homework hours.


How do users engage

  • We analyze the rates of 3 conversion goals: purchase, social login and rating.

  • Most of your users will convert on day zero, or won’t convert at all.

  • Conversion goals are very different across continents and device families.

  • 45% of all paying users will make the first in-app purchase in the first hour of the game.

  • Days-to-conversion average and median are very far apart. The report highlights the reasons.

  • US and Europe perform social login significantly faster than other continents.

  • Only 2% of the users come back to a game after 30 days

  • Retention

    How long do users stay in the game

    • By day-30, 98% of your users will have left.

    • Simulation games boast the best 1-, 7-, and 30-day retention

    • Puzzle games keep players highly engaged, but only on Day-1

The SOOMLA Mobile Gaming Data Report Q4 2015

A unique synopsis of in-game behavior in F2P games.

Q4 2015
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