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The First Monetization Dashboard

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We are the fastest growing tool for app publishers! Why? We expose unique information about the advertisers in your app, provide actionable insights from our experts, and help you unleash the power of data driven ad monetization!

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Know the eCPM of each Advertiser in your App.

SOOMLA reveals the advertiser and eCPM behind every ad impression in your app. Knowing the eCPM of each advertiser opens up new revenue opportunities - strike direct deals, replace bad ads and more. SOOMLA Advertiser spotlight feature puts you in control of your monetization.

Gain Insight. Get Impact. Grow Revenue.

Our dashboard will not do the work for you but our experts will. With industry benchmarks and powerful analysis tools, our experienced expert team will make sure you convert the data into actionable insights. Each quarter, you will receive tailored Insights Reports giving you the power to impact product.

Help your BI team help you.

Our API delivers the missing data necessary to get your BI team on board. Leveraging user level ad revenue, BI analysts can help you identify segments, analyze cohorts and evaluate a/b tests. It’s time to get data driven about app monetization, and SOOMLA makes it all possible.

Ready to unleash the power of data driven Ad Monetization?

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7 App Monetization Predictions for 2018

As SOOMLA is the 1st company to focus on monetization measurement for mobile apps it only make sense that we will take the lead on predicting some of the trends that will control app monetization in 2018. These predictions are based on our data as well as on observing the market trends in 2017. However, predicting the future is a tricky business so take these with a grain of salt. Here we go – counting 7.

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report q1 2018

Mobile Monetization Benchmarks - Q1 2018

A comprehensive comparison of eCPMs for 1st impressions and overall, providing a ranking of monetization providers in the mobile industry. By providing data about average 1st impression eCPM in comparison to overall average eCPM, this report aims to give all parties critical data for negotiating such deals.

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Case Study

Comparing the Best Ways to Increase Ad LTV

One of the interesting abnormalities in the world of app monetization is the relatively low number of people assigned to it. UA acquisition departments usually take up much more personnel, while the main focal point for generating revenues in an app development company, is usually understaffed or assigned to the product team.

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Pricing and Integration

Our drop-in SDK means you can be up and running in a day. We offer a discount for the trial period, so by the time the full fee kicks in, you will already have measurable results that will dwarf the costs. Learn more