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20% Of Your App Users* Drive As Much Ad Revenue as 80%

–  * We call them Ad Whales   –

SOOMLA is the only Ad Revenue Attribution platform that can identify your ad whales. It’s no wonder that the world’s top publishers already rely on our accurate data to gain more users who generate high ad revenue.

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The New Opportunity To Expand Your Reach

Ad whales present an untapped opportunity for ROI positive campaigns. Discover who they are and what they are interested in to create marketing strategies and messaging to attract more of them.

Leverage Ad Whales Data With Your Media Partners

Getting more ad whales is easy when you align media partners on the objective. Leverage ad whales data to create lookalike audiences on Facebook, or pass postbacks to other partners so they can optimize for you.

Data Pipelining Means You Can Move Faster

Don’t add another dashboard. Don’t export another CSV. Don’t do it. We’ll streamline the ad revenue data of each user into your marketing and attribution platform of choice, so you can see the ROI without changing a thing.

Case Studies

How Nanobit Acquired Ad Whales with Facebook Lookalikes by leveraging SOOMLA's data.

How Nanobit Acquired Ad Whales with Facebook Lookalikes by leveraging SOOMLA's data.

Our Q2 2018 report, taking an in-depth comparison of eCPMs for 1st impressions and overall, providing a ranking of monetization providers in the mobile industry.

A study of monetization patterns across user segments. Do Ad Whales exist? Is there a long tail of users who don't monetize? Are these segments consistent? Can they be predicted?

Start Getting Your Ads Under Control

Pricing and Integration

Our drop-in SDK means you can be up and running in a day. We offer a discount for the trial period, so by the time the full fee kicks in, you will already have measurable results that will dwarf the costs.

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