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Be data driven all the way*

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Find which advertisers increase churn, get tools to minimize IAP revenue cannibalization, and eliminate inappropriate ads that crush your ratings.

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Monetization Vs. Retention - No Need To Take Sides

Some advertisers have 5 times higher impact on churn. Discover and eliminate them to enjoy churn-free ad revenue. Keep your short term gains without sacrificing tomorrow’s revenues.

IAP Cannibalization Is Real - Manage It With Data.

Your paying users are being targeted by competitors. SOOMLA provides customers with critical data – enabling BI teams to analyze different facets of the ad that impact cannibalization.

Get policy violation and inappropriate ad alerts (Coming soon)

Our advanced alerting and monitoring tools give you a headstart when responding to ad related complaints to eliminate damaging reviews.

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Data Based Formula – Which Advertisers to Block

One of the oldest debates in the short history of in-app ads have been what advertisers should be blacklisted by publishers. Many companies have already started using SOOMLA to gain valuable data in support of such decisions as shown in this case study. However, we’ve noticed recently that many publishers face a problem, even when they have the data.

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report q1 2018

Mobile Monetization Benchmarks - Q1 2018

A comprehensive comparison of eCPMs for 1st impressions and overall, providing a ranking of monetization providers in the mobile industry. By providing data about average 1st impression eCPM in comparison to overall average eCPM, this report aims to give all parties critical data for negotiating such deals.

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case study

Gazeus – Measuring Ads Allowed Us to Save 66% of Our Budget

At SOOMLA we are always advocating being more data driven when it comes to mobile app monetization. This way we are happy whenever we see a publisher stepping up their data game and starting to measure their monetization. In an earlier post we showed how Kongregate doubled their traffic by measuring ads and in this post we will see how Gazeus saved 66% of their budget.

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Pricing and Integration

Our drop-in SDK means you can be up and running in a day. We offer a discount for the trial period, so by the time the full fee kicks in, you will already have measurable results that will dwarf the costs. Learn more