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Complete Solution for Measuring Your In-App Ads

Our monetization measurement platform allows you to improve your existing systems and drive ad related insights that impact your product, marketing and monetization - making your organization smarter and more informed.

Everything you would expect from the market leader

SOOMLA's Data Integrity Data Integrity

Our mission is to provide you with the most accurate and validated monetization measurement. To do this we make sure that we are not affiliated with any ad provider and can remain unbiased. We also run constant tests and employe advanced tools for error prevention.

SOOMLA's Universal Integrations with Ad Networks Universal Integration

Being a leader in our measuring in-app ads means we have to be universal and vendor agnostic. SOOMLA integrates with nearly every media source, ad network, CRM, and marketing & attribution platform - quickly and seamlessly. See them all here

SOOMLA's Benefits Broad Benefits

With SOOMLA data, your product team boosts user experience while your BI helps Marketing level up its ROI. Monetizers enjoy insights they never had before. All across your organization, metrics and KPIs, SOOMLA makes an impact.

SOOMLA's Enterprise grade compliances Enterprise Grade

Our SLA governed infrastructure and platform are robust, thoroughly tested, and relied upon daily by some of the world’s top publishers. With recent GDPR compliancy and Privacy shield certification you can be sure that your user data is in safe hands.


The Advertiser Breakdown screen brings the much-needed transparency to the world of in-app advertising. Our data enables publishers to easily identify high eCPM advertisers, helping to attract more lucrative advertisers and strike direct deals with existing ones. Bad advertisers that increase churn can be easily identified with periodic reports and alerts. Additionally, since ad networks commonly run the same campaign with different payouts, Soomla helps publishers easily identify these overlaps and eliminate cannibalization. Learn more about the impact with this case study.

SOOMLA's Advertiser Breakdown feature lets you stay in control of who advertises in your app


Most platforms rely on averages to calculate ad revenue from various traffic sources. This can lead to faulty decisions that negatively impact your bottom line. SOOMLA is the only provider that evaluates multiple ad LTV models for each ad-network and campaign type and assigns the most accurate one by constantly comparing against truth sets. By combining the ad TLV data with attribution, IAP revenue and spend data, our customers are able to get a clear picture of the ROI from each traffic source and campaign type. The result is better marketing decisions and faster growth.

Get accurate ad LTV with SOOMLA's powerful calculations


Whether you are using stacked waterfalls with multiple price floors for each ad network or if you are setting up fixed CPM deals having more data can increase your yield. The bid distribution analysis is leveraging SOOMLA’s unique ability to track the bid level of every impression. It shows the volume of impressions at each bid level for each network, platform, country and ad-type. We can also help turning the data into insights about price floors set up and waterfall configuration for customers who unlock the Monetization expert option. Read about the results in this case study.

Keep track of your bid level data and create optimal pricing floors


Some users make more than $50 in ad revenue and your top 10% are typically generating over $1 in ad revenue. Tracking these ad whales is critical to your marketing strategy if your ad relays on ad monetization. Our customers have used ad whale tracking to power lookalike campaigns and activate the scale of marketing on Facebook. Others have done so with Google’s universal app campaigns but it all starts with the ability to identify and pinpoint the ad whales through SOOMLA’s unique technology. Want to see results - download this case study.

Track and acquire more Ad Whales

Features that attain true ad attribution

Ad Waterfall
Ad Waterfall

Visualize your eCPM decay to gain insight and optimize your ad network mix for zero(reduced) remnant inventory.

Automated Version Comparison
Automated Version Comparison

Automatic updating of any version changed performed in third party SDKs to assure accurate data.

Ad Whale Identification
Ad Whale Identification

Spot and gain insight on your Ad Whales, the users responsible for most of your ad revenue.

Identify Damaging Advertisers
Damaging Advertisers

Discover and remove advertisers which increase your churn and drive away users.

Quarterly Business Reports
Quarterly Business Reports

Our experts turn data into actionable insights leveraging industry benchmarks and powerful analysis tools.

24 Hour Easy Integration
24 Hour Integration

Get up and running by tomorrow with our easy SDK integration.

Post Back to Media Partners
Media Partners Post Back

Leverage your ad whales data to create lookalikes for Facebook audiences, bringing in more lucrative new users.

Data Pipelining direct to system of your choice
Data Pipelining

Empower your attribution and analytics platforms by displaying our ad revenue data directly in their dashboards.

Integrate with over 33+ Ad Networks
30+ Ad Networks Supported

Automatic updates and information gathering from various SDKs you already use in your App - see them all.

Personal customer success manager
Personal Customer Success Manager

A dedicated SOOMLA team member ensures you get the most performance out of your data.

Advertiser real eCPM
Advertiser Real eCPM

Measuring opportunity vs. actual impressions filled leads to a more accurate advertiser value.

Bid Distribution
Bid Distribution

Establish optimal pricing floors through our data and watch your revenue grow overnight.

Three Solutions in One Platform

SOOMLA's Ad Revenue Attribution features Ad Revenue Attribution

Identify your ad whales and acquire more users who generate high ad revenue.

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SOOMLA's powerful monetization dashboard Monetization Dashboard

Expose unique information about advertisers in your app and unleash data driven monetization.

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Take control of the ads in your app Ad Control Tools

Find which advertisers increase churn, and reduce your IAP cannibalization.

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We needed a reliable ad revenue attribution partner as a large portion of our revenue is generated by ads and we are a data driven company. SOOMLA is the market leader so choosing them was a no brainer.

Irina Morozova, User Acquisition Lead @ Hutch Games
Irina Morozova
User Acquisition Lead - Hutch Games