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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

User Acquisition

What is User Acquisition (UA)?

User Acquisition (sometimes known just as UA) is the marketing effort to gain new users on apps or other services. This is achieved via advertising campaigns that are designed to convince users to try/use your service/offering.

How Important is UA to Marketer's Efforts?

User acquisition strategies play an important part in today’s businesses as it’s one of the prime ways to convert new users. It can also serve as a good measurement on how much value users bring to the business. Businesses often use various marketing techniques to entice users like user referrals, user loyalty programs and similar.

When it comes to the specific strategies, some might be more effective than the others depending on a specific type of users, so some research is required. That being said, there are some basic things that can be done. For example, when starting, the first step is to identify the potential users that can be converted. Then, research is required to find out the best approach and the likelihood of acquiring the new users.

When it comes to mobile apps, uniqueness is very important, although that’s easier said than done. Also, knowing the app inside out and what it does will make it easier to target the right users.