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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Unified Auction

What is a Unified Auction?

Unified auction in an unbiased open auction where all ad networks have an equal opportunity to bid on the inventory. Since there are no preferences, this simply means that the highest bid wins.

How do Unified Auctions work?

As soon as the auction starts and there is an available ad placement, every ad network is notified and all of them bid in real time.

Unified auctions have several benefits opposed to the other types of auctions. For example, they have an extremely fast ad placement (can be done in milliseconds), there are no preferences and the highest bid always wins. Also, with unified auctions, everyone can see the whole inventory which puts more emphasis on bids.

Unified auctions are often compared to header biddings and they do have some similarities, although usually, header biddings tend not to be as effective as unified auctions. For app developers, unified auctions are a great choice since they can easily open up all app inventory and guarantee that the highest bidder will always win. These type of auctions are also beneficial to publishers as their revenue will increase due to ads, while advertisers will have fair results. All in all, unified auctions represent a good deal for many with its openness and transparency. "