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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms


What is a Tracker?

Tracker is an advertiser’s way of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaign or in other words, it helps monitor the ad clicks.

How does a Tracker work?

A tracker is basically a generated link which is passed to ad networks so that the clicks can be identified through the unique link structure of the tracker. Ad tracking is something that’s very present on the internet and a majority of people aren’t even aware of it.

As mentioned, it’s a way to measure the performance of an advertising campaign and it can include brand and advertising awareness. The results can provide a good insight into several parts of the advertising campaign, from the effectiveness of the media buying/targeting to the quality of the advertising executions. The results can be used to form an educated guess on ROI (Return of Investment), make comparisons or to test new advertising ideas before you fully commit and invest too much money.

What are some examples of Trackers?

There are several different ways to track ads, from big companies like Google and their Google Analytics to various third party ad tracking services. Ultimately, if used correctly, ad tracking helps you improve your advertising efforts, although it’s worth noting that ad trackers can be easily manipulated and misused, so precaution is advised.