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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

SSP (Supply Side Platform)

What is a SSP (Supply Side Platform)?

SSP (Supply Side Platform) or sometimes known as sell side platform is a software that enables selling advertisement through an automated system.

How is a SSP used?

It’s often used by publishers to help with the selling of mobile ads among other things. On the publisher's side, SSP links with ad networks and exchanges, while on the advertiser's side DSP (Demand Side Platform) does the job. As such, SSP is very similar to DSP plus they use a similar technology.

In one way, it can be said that SSP is the publisher's version of advertiser's DSP. SSP allows publishers to connect to multiple ad networks and exchanges which in turn helps them maximize the prices for their impressions. When SSP links with an ad exchange, DSPs then do their own thing (analyzing and buying impressions) based on specific criteria. With this system, publishers are opening up their inventory to many potential buyers (usually through real-time auctions), which helps them maximize their revenue.

SSPs also have the ability to set the minimum price for which inventory can sell to certain buyers, which might be a preferred option for some publishers. SSPs have several benefits, like managing a complex inventory in an automated fashion or the ability to do everything in real-time.