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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Share of Voice

What is Share of Voice?

Share of Voice (SOV) generally in advertising, is an advertiser’s share of ad placements, while in marketing it refers to the percentage of your brands online content (social media, blog, etc.), compared to your competitors.

Why is Share of Voice important to measure?

SOV, in theory, is there to ensure that every advertiser has an equal ad exposure. For example, if there are five advertisers on a website, on average each advertiser will be seen at least once every five rotations. Since SOV limits the number of ad spaces on the website, there is a higher chance that the target audience will see those ads.

Share of Voice can be useful for both advertisers and publishers as advertisers will pay more for exclusivity and less competition, while publishers have the ability to bring advertisers who want to specifically reach the publisher's audience. Since SOV is more about quality than quantity, this means that more high tier advertisers will be present. Usually, when calculating SOV, only your most direct competitors are considered.

Here’s a simple formula for SOV - divide your total brand advertising exposure with total advertising exposure in your category. Since SOV has different calculations (and definitions) depending on the specific area (marketing, advertising, digital advertising, etc.), make sure not to mistake one for the other.