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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Server Side Mediation

What is Server Side Mediation?

Server side mediation, as the name suggests, is done on the server side where a mediation platform provides a single SDK and the ad networks have to serve their ads through that SDK.

How does Server Side Mediation work?

It works similar to the client side mediation, only the process is somewhat reversed as the server, rather than the client, has a central role. It first receives the request for showing an ad, then picks the highest earning ad and returns it to the user.

The process is a bit faster (usually) than the client-side because ad network SDKs don’t have to be activated by mediators and rather than sending requests one by one, only one request is sent to the server. This request sends simultaneous requests to the ad networks APIs. After that, the ad mediation SDK gets the winning ad, and with that it actives the winning ad network’s SDK.