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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Rewarded Video Ads

What are Rewarded Video Ads?

Rewarded Video Ads are offers that developers use to integrate ads into their app. They give incentive to users to watch them, in exchange for some virtual goodies like extra lives, points, upgrades or some other in-app rewards. Usually, the length of these videos is around 15 seconds (sometimes more, but generally not more than half a minute) and they’re also non-skippable.

How are Rewarded Videos used?

They are useful for both publishers and advertisers since for publishers it represents a good way to monetize their efforts, while advertisers have a good opportunity to effectively get their message across. It's important to note that rewarded video ads aren’t intrusive to users since they can just continue with their app as nothing happened. There are several benefits to rewarded video ads.

For example, they can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty as well as engagement rates. Less (or none) false clicks since the ads are integrated at specific points and the users choose to watch them on their own free will. To maximize the efficiency of rewarded video ads, placement is the key. For example, for gaming apps, one of the best options is to put the ad at the point where the user is having trouble progressing through the game, which would then encourage them to continue playing.