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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms


What are Postbacks?

Postbacks represent an ability to notify or ping a third party service (for instance, mobile advertising network) whenever something of note happens regarding the app, like a mobile app install or the first launch of the app.

Postbacks are also triggered during in-app transactions, which in today’s mobile world, is probably the most common occurrence. Postbacks are also present in web development and in eCommerce, so it’s possible to mix them up since they work similarly.

How do Postbacks work

Here’s a basic example of how postbacks work: A user clicks on an ad (in-app event) and that data gets stored on an ad network. After that, with postback, that data gets sent to another server (publishers server) or to a third party. This is just the barebone example as with postbacks different terms are present depending on the area of expertise.

Postbacks are used by pretty much everyone and everything. For instance, Google incorporated postbacks in their Google Analytics service. Every time an event happens, Google Analytics pings a third-party mobile advertising network. Generally, postbacks are beneficial as the data they get can help with optimization of ad campaigns and ad spend, which in turn can generate a better CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).