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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms


What is Opt-In?

Opt In (sometimes known as value exchange ads) is a term used for when a user (consumer) willingly allows being served ads or in other words, when a user agrees to participate in viewing an ad.

How are Opt-In ads used?

Opt In ads gained a lot of popularity in recent times, especially opt in video ads. These types of ads are generally used in video game apps and they work similar to offer walls (see the offer wall definition). Users are rewarded when they watch a short video ad, usually with some in-game goodies. Of course, this is the case for gaming apps, rewards can vary depending on the type of app.

A good thing about this kind of advertising is that it’s not disrupting the user experience and as such is a good way to monetize your mobile apps. Recent research shows that the users who viewed opt in ads enjoyed the content a lot more and were also less likely to leave and never come back. In some cases, this type of advertising also contributed to increasing the brand awareness. In today’s marketing-advertising world, opt in is one of the rare types of advertising where everybody can profit, from brands to users/consumers.

There are several methods that app publishers can use to improve their opt-in rates. Be sure to check out our blog post on the 4 Proven Tips for Improving Opt-In Rate Based on Data".