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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Offer Wall

What is an Offer Wall?

Offer Wall is a list of rewards that appear inside mobile apps, which can be obtained by doing specific actions like watching a video, downloading an app, making an in-app purchase, social media sharing and more. The reward for doing these are “virtual” items, usually in a form of digital currency or similar.

Why are Offer Walls used?

Offer walls are a great way to advertise multiple digital products and are very effective since the advertising comes straight to the user. In recent times, they have become a great alternative for app developers to earn money as high competition makes it difficult to generate income by just selling the app directly.

Since the majority of app-users are non-paying users, offer walls are an efficient solution to monetize these users. They also don’t necessarily interrupt the user experience as the users can simply ignore the offer wall and continue with what they were doing. The fact that there are a lot of offer wall providers also shows the popularity of offer walls. If you choose to go with that option, always make sure to pick the provider that suits your need the best, and take a look at their features (exclusive offers, easy integration, a variety of offers and so on).