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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Multi-Touch Attribution

What is Multi-Touch Attribution?

Multi-Touch Attribution (also known as multi-channel attribution) is a marketing tech function that allows for the attributing of all the channels in the conversion process. It’s can be a beneficial and useful method in many ways, especially in B2B marketing. That being said, it’s a really broad topic and you have an abundance of strategies and models, so understanding all of it is no easy task.

How is Multi-Touch Attribution difference from other models

Multi-touch is different from first-touch and last-touch as it gives credit to every advertising channel a user connects with. In the mobile advertising world, multi-touch attribution is important and beneficial for several reasons.

One of those reasons is that users usually have better interaction with advertising (compared to first and last-touch) as there is a high chance the user will view multiple ads in different places before moving on. Since there are multiple channels involved, the multi-touch attribution helps with dividing the advertising budget equally.

Also, with multi-touch attribution, smaller publishers who might have trouble getting enough credit in other attribution models, have better chance to be spotted by companies. In the end, this also helps advertisers. There are several different models of multi-touch attribution. Some of the more common ones are - Linear, Time Decay and Custom models