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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Mobile Ad Fraud

What is Mobile Ad Fraud?

Mobile Ad Fraud is a process where an individual makes use of various advertising technology to scam advertisers and publishers, usually by displaying ads to bots. As with any other fraud, the objective is to steal as much money as possible from victims, in this case, advertisers.

How does Ad Fraud work?

Fraudsters use a variety of tools to fool advertisers like faked impressions or click spam. Unfortunately, the mobile ad fraud doesn’t show signs of stopping as it’s constantly changing and improving. Despite that’s illegal, there are many who try their hands in it mainly because it provides an opportunity to earn some quick money.

Still, not everything is doom and gloom as there is a constant progress in battling the mobile ad fraud, and there are methods that advertisers can do to avoid being scammed. Educating yourself on mobile fraud and different types of it is the first step. Then, monitor everything (yes, really everything) and always make sure your ads are appearing where they should be. Some companies have a fraud detection software so be sure to check those out too. It won’t be an easy task, but being on constant alert will help you avoid mobile ad fraud. Also, always be up to date on anything fraud related.