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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Interstitial Ads

What is an Interstitial Ad?

Interstitials Ads are full-screen ads which cover the interface of the app (or for the websites, they cover the full-page and appear before the expected content page). They appear at natural transitions, such as when the game is paused or between levels. When the ad is displayed, the user can skip it (close it) and continue with the app. Interstitial ads provide an interactive experience for mobile users and are quite popular, especially for indie developers since they have a high impression rate (usually).

How do Interstitial Ads differ from other ad formats

Interstitial ads have generally a higher impression rate than banner ads because of their bigger size and better interaction with the users. As such, they are the preferred choice for a lot of developers. As with everything, they also have a bad side. If you by any chance put them in the wrong place, they’ll do more harm than good.

For example, constantly putting interstitial ads in a way that obstructs users from finishing their actions will probably lead to them uninstalling your app. This also depends on the app type, as some are more suitable than others (with those that aren’t, you're probably better off using some other type of ad). Linear apps that have a clear starting and stopping point are best for interstitial ads.