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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Direct Deal

What is a Direct Deal?

A direct deal is a more traditional (non-programmatic) method of acquiring inventory by working one-on-one with advertisers. This way the middleman is cut out, be it an ad network or mediation platform. Typically, direct deals offer fixed spends and CPM pricing (cost per 1000 impressions), which, in turn, provide a predictable result because the advertising side agrees to pay a predetermined CPM price. Because the deals are negotiated and made on an individual basis, the inventory is guaranteed.

Why are Direct Deals important

Direct deals can be helpful for both buyers and sellers of digital advertising, depending on their needs. While this might not be a huge part of the digital ad market, some people do see its potential and have a use out of it.

With this method, publishers have the option to bundle up a specific inventory on their apps (or sites), and then allow marketers to buy programmatically. On the other hand, marketers by purchasing premium inventory (directly from publishers) can reach their target audience with no fuss. All in all, this type of marketing and advertising represents a good choice for those focused on brand safety since this method is more “personal” and it also allows brands to know precisely where their ads will appear.