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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

DAU (Daily Active Users)

What is DAU (Daily Active Users)?

DAU (Daily Active Users) is a metric that is used to measure how many unique users open your app (or visit a website) on a daily basis. It’s one of the many ways that is used to measure the success of a product.

Why is DAU as a measurement important?

It is considered by many a crucial measure of product growth, although it is best to use DAU in conjunction with other metrics. Generally speaking, the user just has to use or view the product in some way to be considered active. However, the real requirement for a user to be considered active actually depends on how you define active users.

How is DAU calculated?

If it is your product, you might not consider a user active if he/she just briefly uses the app or signs in and instead you’ll want the user to have more interactions with your product. To measure how much users are engaging with your product more efficiently, DAU is used (compared) with MAU (monthly active users).

For example, a 50% DAU/MAU ratio means that the average user of your product uses it for 15 days out of one month. There is no exact way to calculates DAU since everybody has a different view of an active user, and these differences can change the results dramatically.