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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms


What is a Cohort?

A cohort is a group of users that share common characteristics or experiences, usually within a specified time-span. Cohorts are used to target specific segments of the market and data analysis. The term is somewhat connected to "target audience" as both are used for similar reasons.

The main distinguishing feature regarding cohorts is that they all had the same experience or participated in the same event. For instance, a group of people that are 30-40 years old is part of a demographic grouping and that information can be used for some marketing/advertising campaign. However, add the part where they all had heart surgery (this is just an example to give a general idea) and that user group becomes a cohort.

How are Cohorts used?

Unlike the usual general targeting, cohorts are highly specific which makes them an irreplaceable tool for marketing and advertising campaigns or niche businesses where very accurate targeting is crucial. That being said, the very specific nature of cohorts can be more of a disadvantage for some businesses. Since they revolve around pinpoint accuracy they can’t be used for companies that just want a general marketing tool. Furthermore, acquiring that specific data can be expensive and not worth the effort for some companies.