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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms


What is an Audience?

Audience, in general, is a group of people that are targeted by specific marketing and advertising campaign. Appealing to everyone is hard, basically impossible, and that’s why businesses define their target audience.

How are Audiences created and used?

Defining your target audience is one of the most important things to do in the marketing/advertising campaign or in businesses in general. Still, that not something that’s done overnight, it’s a process that requires detailed planning. It’s a crucial step that will determine if a marketing or advertising campaign is successful.

A successful campaign is based on building long-term relationships with your customers, so trying to connect with customers on a personal level is key. In addition, businesses use specific information to better target their consumers. As such, customers demographic information, geographic information, and even user behavior, all play an important role in targeting.

With that in mind, start simple with some basic info. Find out about their gender, ethnicity and maybe even their income if possible. Don’t forget about geography too (customers location, culture, etc.). Learn more about their purchasing decisions and habits and throw that in the mix. With all that information, the targeting plan is slowly starting to shape. Granted, there is way more to this but it’s just to give a general idea.