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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

Ad Mediation

What is an Ad Mediation platform?

Ad Mediation is a platform (technology) that sends requests for advertisements to multiple ad networks for publishers, ensuring the ad space is filled with the best possible deal.

For publishers, it’s a very important part for their monetization efforts, since ad mediation can help monetize more of their impressions by linking the right ad networks to the right inventory.

How do Ad Mediation platforms work?

It isn’t too complicated to figure out and it works like this: By their preference, publishers rank the ad networks. Then, the ad mediation platform sends a request to the top ad network. If the chosen ad network (the top one) can’t fulfill the requests, the ad mediation platform then sends the request to the next preferred ad network. The process repeats itself until some ad network completes the request.

Because the ad mediation platform can connect to multiple ad networks, you’ll have a much higher chance that one of the ad networks will have a servable ad available, which isn’t the case when you don’t use an ad mediation platform. As for the publisher's preference for ad networks, they usually choose the one with the highest revenue but sometimes they can also pick one based on the location of an ad network.