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Glossary of Mobile Advertising Terms

1st Look

What is 1st Look?

1st look is a benefit where some buyers (e.g. advertisers) have priority access to the inventory, depending on the publisher (or a media seller). This is best explained through an example, so let’s say there are two ad networks available. The publisher wants to sell his inventory and the first ad network gets the first look. This means that the first ad network now has a chance to buy that inventory. If it doesn’t, the request is now passed to the second ad network which now has the option to buy the inventory. If there are more ad networks the process works the same.

Why is 1st Look important?

The first look is basically a priority list where some ad networks (and the like) get a chance to buy the inventory before others. A first look is an interesting approach but the publishers should be careful (and trust will be needed too) when giving a first look to a third party because it can do more harm than good. Publishers will have to be informed as much as possible (luckily with today’s technology and tools this is much easier than it was several years ago) if they are to make a best possible decision.