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Our mission is to help publishers make data-driven decisions for their monetization efforts.

At SOOMLA we aim to give mobile app publishers insights into the revenue they are making from advertising. We specifically help track revenue per user, per segment, per cohort and per traffic source. With the help of this data, we want to help facilitate better monetization and marketing decisions for our clients. More often than not, publishers are leaving money on the table. It's time to take control.


monthly app sessions.


market value gained for our customers.


hours sleep lost over GDPR.


We are a team of passionate tech-lovers, driven by our mission to not follow industry trends - but set them. In the constantly evolving mobile game industry, we innovate constantly, act quickly and bring meaningful results. By helping each other to overcome any challenge that comes our way, we have built a company that thrives on trust, integrity and lots of beer.


Raised in the Kibbutz and reborn in the city, Yaniv is a certified entre-parent-neur. Yaniv's getaway is snowboarding down the slopes of France.

Yaniv Nizan

A lean, mean coding machine, between Refael's weekly "swim" and daily espresso, he meditates on the meaning of life in the entrepreneurial trenches.

Refael Dakar

When Boris is not coding like there’s no tomorrow, he enjoys nothing more than being a cliché by sipping a cold beer on a sunny afternoon at the beach.

Boris Spektor

When Omri is not travelling around the world, you can find him working on a project or exploring for activities that make life more interesting, mainly sport.

Omri Masri
Software Developer

Ben is a DIY addict. From carpentry, to coding, to freelancing, he never has a dull moment. He is an avid exerciser and lover of all things nature.

Ben Lerner
Marketing Director

Born in Latin America and raised in Israel, Andres can be found experimenting in the kitchen, spending time with his kid or traveling the world.

Andres Prilloltensky
Gaming Director

When Yuri is not adding support for more ad-networks, he spends his time planning his week-long treks through the jungles and across mountains.

Yuri Marinkov
Software Developer

From Sales, to Marketing, to SDR, Scottie has been involved in several startups since their inception. If you've heard about SOOMLA, it's through Scottie!

Scottie Fischer
Marketing Manager

Yogev spends his free time exploring all the possible combinations of spices in the kitchen, seeking to attain the perfect curry masala.

Yogev Metzuyanim
Mobile Developer

When Yonah is not sifting through data, he spends his time cooking , eating and then consequently excercising off all the food he eats.

Yonah Dorfman
Data Analyst


Join us on our missions to bring data to the front-line of ad monetization.

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