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Monetization Dashboard

In-app revenue is the new king. SOOMLA is the monetization dashboard that shows you the money by revealing the advertiser and eCPM behind every ad impression in your app. It's no wonder top publishers rely on our user-level data to gain an edge.

Ad Revenue Attribution

SOOMLA is the only ad revenue attribution platform that identifies the lucrative ad whales responsible for 80% of your ad revenue. When you know who they are, you can target lookalikes, expand reach and boost campaign ROI.

Ad Control Tools

SOOMLA lets you identify ads that impact churn or even cannibalize your IAP. Instead of waiting for users to complain, you can remove innappropriate ads that bring down ratings. Finally, you can enjoy churn-free ad revenue and better network compliance.

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“Everyone is already targeting payers on Facebook. We wanted to try something new and it paid off nicely. We believe SOOMLA is truly innovative when it comes to ad revenue measurement”

Farhan Haq Head of UA

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“Leveraging a data driven approach when it comes to ad monetization is setting us apart. SOOMLA has proven a critical tool in our stack.”

Lior Shiff CEO

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"We needed a reliable ad revenue attribution partner as a large portion of our revenue is generated by ads and we are data driven. SOOMLA is the market leader so choosing them was a no brainer."

Irina Morozova User Acquisition

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"SOOMLA is a great provider to work with: reliable, fast responses and they always care about your success. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to measure ad LTV."

Mike Lehne CTO

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SOOMLA is the market leader in mobile monetization measurement. There is no other company that does this better than us. We were the first company to offer monetization measurement but more importantly, we are the only company who is 100% focused on measuring in-app ads.

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Ad whales today are responsible for the majority of ad revenue generated in mobile apps today and Nanobit has been leveraging SOOMLA’s platform for some time to identify and acquire more. This case study gives an in-depth look at the steps Nanobit took and the benchmark-breaking results that followed.

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One of our customers, Tripledot, switched their price floor configuration from using basic setup to a data driven approach by leveraging the bid level data from SOOMLA platform. Following the switch, they saw a triple digit increase in eCPM and saw their revenue boosted by 30%.

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Pricing and integration

Our drop-in SDK means you can be up and running in a day. We offer a discount for the trial period, so by the time the full fee kicks in, you will already have measurable results that will dwarf the costs.

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